Monday, September 26, 2011

Self Defense for Women

It is unfortunate that there are persons in our society who will attack others who they consider weaker and more vulnerable. These attackers may feel that they can successfully harm these individuals because they do not seem to pose a threat. Many women have had to grapple with these attacks as well as their after effects. Self defense for women however, levels the playing field and give women a real chance to protect themselves and turn the tables on their attackers.

Learning self defense can make a big difference as to whether a woman lives or dies, is injured or maimed. There are some simple self defense moves that women can learn and use which will startle her attacker and give her sufficient time to make an escape or immobilize her attacker.

One of the most popular self defense moves for women is a powerful kick to the groin of the attacking male. The testicles in men are very tender and they can be fairly accessible if the attacker approaches from the front. A very firm and decisive kick to this area is enough to immobilize the attacker allowing time to break away and seek help. This tactic must be implemented without delay and decisively or it will be blocked by the attacker who will see it coming. Another useful self defense for women technique is to hit the attacker in the throat when the attack is from the side. This is very painful to the attacker and if done with an element of surprise will immobilize him sufficiently to make an escape. This technique can also be a follow up to pushing off the attacker's chin with both hands if attacked from the front.

High heeled shoes do more than make a woman's legs look attractive. They can be a very effective weapon if a woman is grasped from behind. The heels can be used to stomp on the attacker's toes, foot or to kick his shin hard enough to hurt and confuse him. This can be followed up by an attack on his groin as he loosens his grip.

Keys, nail files and long nails can be used as weapons to counterattack. This maneuver is more easily completed when the attacker grasps the woman's body rather than hands. The woman, using the element of surprise should aim for the attacker's eyes. The aim is to blind the attacker sufficiently to make an effective escape whilst he is least expecting it. Should the attacker move to defend his eyes (a natural instinct) the counter attack can move to other areas of his body including a powerful kick to his groin. A rolled up magazine can also be effectively used to punch the attacker in the solar plexus thus slowing him down.

Women may be attacked by others who are bigger and stronger physically. The element of surprise as well as mental alertness and courage are essential to effectively counterattack. All counter attacking manoeuvres must be done decisively and with as much power as the woman can muster. Learning and implement self defense for women can be a life saver.

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